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2Reception towards door
Can't tell the dancer from the dance
View into Consult Room
Close up of the Elements
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Our client was Japanese and asked for an earth-centered Zen design with contemporary overtones. The focal point was a collaboration with Jeremy Wells of Imago Dei, a local artist. Spanning a twenty foot wall, canvas panels explore and interpret each of the five Zen elements but are created as a whole.  Playing with the concept, Jeremy describes the “fun” process of incorporating each of the actual elements as an art medium.  For instance, in the Metal piece, paints have metal particles in them with sprayed patina solution that formed a rust oxidation on the surface.  Likewise, the Forest panel, was rendered with hand-made papers that had strips of wood and wood fiber woven into them. Earth is encrusted with soil and various earth-based plasters, while Fire is emblazoned with flames of gold leaf. As a final touch, Imago Dei translated each element’s name into its Japanese character and melded it into the surface of each panel. Since Eastern artists often use chop marks as signatures, we wanted Imago Dei to develop an appropriate chop mark for their signature.  They did and it is beautiful and we won many awards for the effort. 


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