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2view from Butch's bed
2Music always welcome in the garden
Healing Garden
2Garden Party in the Sanctuary
2The fountain as a gthering place
2Butch always loved his vegetable garden



When my brother Butch was dismissed from the cancer hospital with a 3-month window to live, we were all devastated. They gave us a list of safety precautions to help him such as removing thresholds, raising the toilet seat, getting a bath chair, etc. etc.  As a designer I said to myself, "Is this all I can do for my brother who has been my life campanion through life?" The answer was obvious, I could do more. With his help, we created a garden where all his friends and family could visit, contribute to the garden, and he could escape from the solitude and boredom of the house and hospital. Days before he died, we had a garden party with music, food, and tributes. He had pointed out to all that his sister had created this "sanctuary" for him and he was so grateful. He told me to do this for everyone, and I am trying.

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